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Below are a few examples of my development and design work.

Sapphire was the first custom website I built that was completely composed of ACFs. This WordPress site was designed to allow the client to control the layout, no matter who changed the content. This site was built in early 2018, and while the images and content have changed, the basic layout is exactly as I built it. I’m extremely pleased that it is still around and successful for the client.

New Vision was a client who came to us with a pre-existing Shopify e-commerce site that they wanted to modify, rather than start over with a new site. The homepage and planbuilder page are the only pages that retain the original look that I built, but I’m pleased they are still in use. Please note the animations and carousel, which were my suggestions and added interest.

While working as Digital Marketing Manager, there were some site-loading speed challenges. When I took over the site, it had a load speed of almost 5 seconds, was over 10mb in size and was given a rating of “34” by two different page-speed services. It also crashed frequently.

I reduced the site’s size to 3mb, decreased load time to just over 3 seconds, and its speed rating has improved to “66.” While there’s still a long way to go, these improvements were achieved by optimizing images, changing videos from local hosting to Youtube hosting, adding compression functionality to the backend, and acquiring Cloudflare’s CDN service.

My personal portfolio site was designed and built completely from my own vision, in WordPress. It was a departure from my previous design, and was inspired by my fondness of, and yearning for, the Rocky Mountains back in Colorado.

As a comparison, my previous site was strictly html, and unfortunately is not live anymore but still lives on courtesy of internet.

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Manage marketing WordPress website, implementing best SEO, CRO and plugin-in practices. Use CLI and Git for version control. Diagnose and improve pageload speed. Create landing pages in Unbounce for lead generation & A/B campaigns.  Established first staging site for company, on a VM, using a LEMP stack.

Manage four existing company WordPress sites, and project manage the development of two new WordPress sites. Also managed implementation of new product visualizer API on multiple websites. Day to day maintenance of sites, plus development of content and pages on almost daily basis.

I recently created a site for a local soccer club that wanted a more professional presence on the web. Below is an example of the initial wireframe and the final mockup used for the build. I designed and developed the WordPress site.

The gallery below features graphic design pieces I’ve created for various organizations.